Acting Tips Season 2, Episode 1: Crossing the Rubicon w Travis Wyman


Trophy Case 7: Desert Sun Rising aka Hero With No Master : Funny Or Die Test Tube


Trophy Case, my epic ongoing underground live variety sketch comedy rock n' roll stunt show, was created out of necessisty upon an ever growing mountain of failures in 2014. I first performed brand new episodes of the show at the old indie comedy firehazzard, The Clubhouse, where I famously jumped over Scott Bell's Kia Rio on a BMX bicycle, before taking all new installments of the show to The Comedy Central Stage, and then to both of The Upright Citizens Brigade theatres in Los Angeles, where I've been a performer since 2007, and a teacher of improv since 2011. I'm now proud to bring this 7th installment to the small screen at Funny Or Die. 

Directed brilliantly by Brad Schulz, produced by Matt Mazany, Cinematography by Aaron Ulrich, and with the help of many ridiculously talented friends like SNL's Fran Gillespie, Emmy winner Sergio Cilli, star of Showtime's Blunt Talk, Timm Sharp, from IFC's the Birthday Boys and writer for Comedy Bang Bang and The 2015 Emmy awards show, Mike Hanford, from the legendary improv team, Flap Jackson, Scott Rodgers and Josh Simpson, TV's David Neher, Barak Hardley, Casey Feigh, Wayland McQueen, Katie Orr, Cassandra Lee Walker and many more wonderful and only slightly less famous people. Many thanks to Funny Or Die!  Thanks for watching, this was very fun to make. 


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