A football coach once asked me, "Hartzler, you gonna play football or join the skateboard Olympics?" I remain an avid skateboarder.

Before moving to Los Angeles, I spent three years touring the country performing improv comedy with Isaac Improv and later as one half of Spats & Cane. At Malone University I was co-creator of the sketch comedy fellowship, The Yellow Light Runners, and I wrote a humor column under the handle, Flattop Do-Gooder.  I also excelled at Ping-Pong, and probably still do. I began studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles in 2006 and was placed on the legendary Harold Team Flap Jackson in 2008. Current shows at UCb include the ongoing epic comedy vareity stunt show Trophy Case, and improv with Casey & Jo Jo.

TV appearances include Key & Peele, Community, Conan, Comedy Bang Bang, and Brooklyn Nine Nine. "Mark" from The Earliest Show.

Creator and host of Acting Tips.

 Trophy Case 7